Shaw Dog Grooming Training Academy
     Shaw Dog Grooming Training Academy
The training room ready to assist students with their new careers
Starting off with a short test...just to see 'what you know?' Its fun....really!

 OCN L3 PET FIRST AID Training days are held on a regular basis, equiping old and new Groomers with skills and knowledge related to canine health from:

  • Vaccines, infectious diseases and zoonoses
  • Carrying out a health check
  • First Aid
  • Transportation on injured dogs
  • Practical CPCR
  • Practical bandaging

The day is deliverd by  Liza Cox LCGI who is also an accomplished Groomer. Plus, if your lucky one of Sam's Soups of the Day is on the menue for lunch!

Bichon Master Class Training - 'The Show Trim'
Fantastic finish achieved here!
Students putting their scissoring skills to the test.
A 'pet trim' Springer Spaniel being presented by a L2 student
Guest Dog Behaviourist discussing the control & restrain methods you can use when a dog is on the table.
Tina Ogbourne LCGI demonstrating Poodle Grooming !

News. We are starting a new L2 Course on the 8th March 2012 

We are very pleased to announce our link with Heavenlyz

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