Shaw Dog Grooming Training Academy
     Shaw Dog Grooming Training Academy
Slowly we are getting there. Against the odds a path way leads to our door

Our Grooming and Training room.

The Shaw Dog Grooming Academy HQ

Welcome!!!! Here are some photos for the Academy before the Grand Opening, feel free to have a look at My new training area

The Main Training area
The Main Reception Area
My Qualifications (Professional Diploma)
More Qualifications
Student Work Areas
Bath Area
'Thank you to every one who wishes us well!
Just a Giggle!!!
In 'Tribute to Barney our dear Springer Spaniel. Barney was my inspiration to become a Professional Dog Groomer. 'It has been the best career decision I have ever made!' Without doubt, such a rewarding profession to be a part of!

News. We are starting a new L2 Course on the 8th March 2012 

We are very pleased to announce our link with Heavenlyz

Home page online
Please check-out or Facebook page. We love to celebrate the fact that our students work so hard to achieve their dreams. Please do leave a comment on our page, it would be great to hear from you. Many thanks for visiting our website.

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Shaw Dog Academy Grooming